Who is Lou J. Bakker ?

She always has been a story collector and a story teller – first to all the children connected to her life, then in her notebooks and finally through her books…. Lou J. Bakker is a writer, teacher, sales manager, mommy of 2 dogs and grandmother to two little girls. 
Born in Germany, she moved in her early 20th to San Francisco, worked and studied there. The city became her home and her friends there became her family. Eventually moving back to Europe, she found her home in the Netherlands while still constantly traveling for her work. During these trips she met many strangers who provided her with personal stories. Her books are an accumulation of all these stories. Besides her love to write, she loves jogging, long walks in the forest with her dogs, plenty of time with her friends and family, music, dancing and takes life with a huge amount of humor.

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